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Rapper King Geezy is putting together a captivating scope of lyrical and thematic connection through the collective intermingling of rap and R&B. He recently came out with his song, ‘Your Reflection’, an undulating dynamics of rhythmic intensity that beautifully conjoins with the lyrical progression resulting in a breakthrough creative format. In terms of musical characteristics, the song is set as a spontaneous rap module backed by the exquisiteness of contemporary R&B standards. As a result, the hybrid sound along with the thematic prowess of both the lyrics and the artist establishes a powerful curve of creative freedom. The title of the songs suggests a personal analogy as he carries his words and thoughts through the natural trail of the song.

Hailing from Albers, this Illinois rap artist has also intimately studied and imbibed the quintessence of modern-day R&B that he utilizes extensively in his soundscape. All of 20, his sense of musical and lyrical belongingness has resulted in the formatting of ‘Your Reflection’ as a tribute to his inner feelings and wisdom. His passion and conviction towards music have the purpose of serving the community that sets him aside as an artist with the right pursuits. His creativity arc includes other songs as well like ‘True Homie’, ‘TRAP ARMY’, ‘The Broken King’, and ‘Ill Never Forgert YOU’ among others thus adding surplus accomplishments to his career graph.

The journey of King Geezy has not been an easy one and after years of existential struggles, he finally found his closure in music. There has been no looking back since and his musical efforts paved a path of this hybrid celebration of creative purposes in the premise of rap and R&B. His sense of musical elements is already getting noticed and in no time will it turn into windows of opportunities. Follow his work on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and his official website for an existing musical experience..


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