The new song by J. Cole ‘Snow On The Bluff’ failed to impress Earl Sweatshirt who is not a very big fan of the track. According to reports that came in today from Hot New Hip Hop, is that a wide range of response has been garnered from fans on social media that came out from the repertoire of the acclaimed rapper, nevertheless, so far, the remarks seem to fall into two very different camps altogether.


Contrastingly, it has been said by people that J. Cole has got a refreshing honesty while he has been accused by other people for unnecessarily shaming people. According to further reports by Hot New Hip Hop, one of the people who are not happy with the new song by the artist is Earl Sweatshirt. Earl Sweatshirt Says That J. Cole’s New Single Is ‘Corny’.


In a Twitter post, it has been mentioned that some of his thoughts are explained by Earl about the new track.


On Twitter, it has been said that before getting grouped by fans he wants to mention that the track is corny. He also said that the track is really bad and will make little or no impact on the audience.


Earl Sweatshirt further went on to mention that the new song by J. Cole is ‘just corny’. Furthermore, the singer went on to compare the track to a pretty much hypothetical situation in which a track is dropped by a popular white rapper amid the protests for Black Lives Matter about how they are going to understand the very plight of the black people who are there in the USA.


In addition to this, it has been claimed by Earl Sweatshirt that J.Cole is one particular rapper whose fan base represents people from a certain sub-set or section and that is his specific niche.


Despite all these negative news that cropped up recently, a series of wins have been achieved by J. Cole over the last one and a half year that also includes wins from the last year when it has been reported by Bridget Hall that he along with Melissa Heholt who happens to be her wife were all gearing up and all set to have another baby this year.


The surprising news has been revealed by J. Cole during the track ‘Sacrifices’ that featured EarthGang and many more artistes. The rapper further went ahead and shouted at his wife, Melissa over the track who happens to be his wife. He also added that a place and a platform is given to him by his wife to say something when it is required by him the most.


The couples had a lot of fans who already knew that they have been together with each other for quite a few years. The marriage between J. Cole and his wife took place in the year 2015 at a juncture in their life when they already had a baby boy together. The childbirth took place at a time while they are still not hitched.


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