Image Credits – Happy Gamer

It was officially announced by the Blizzard Community Manager Kaivax in a blog post on Wednesday that Blizzard Has Banned Over 74,000 World of Warcraft Classic Accounts In The Last Month. The Blizzard Community has seized thousands of botting accounts in places like America, Oceania, and the European continent. These accounts were immediately closed after these were found with violating the End-User License Agreement and the root of the problem was mainly the bots.

World of Warcraft is a widely popular title of the Blizzard Community but years after years the problem with Automation tools is not being solved. Automation tools are not a new issue anymore for WOW. No matter how vigorously they violet the rules, it will always be a hot market. It happens because half of the population of the gamers want to enjoy playing RPGs abut they cannot hold the patience to endure the pressure that is on its way. World of Warcraft Classic is full of grind that one has to pass. Though the grinds are hard but it doesn’t justify cheating in the game.

Kaivax mentions in the blog that the botting problem is not going to go anywhere soon but he has taken the matter in his hands to process some fixation. The use of automation tools is very common. It is kind of a fad to have automation tools and that makes these things quite popular. Every now and then, some smart gamers create new tools that neutralize all the security measures that Blizzard puts up. It is really upsetting for the developers that they cannot totally fix this once and for all. It is an eternal battle between the smart violators and the game developers of Blizzard. He also mentions how frustrating things are for the members of Blizzard to deal with it every hour.

The only way to make it stop is by scanning the bots and remove them entirely so that the automation tools cannot ruin the game for the authentic World of Warcraft classic players. The process of identifying and removing fake accounts is very simple but it so frequent that it knocks the brain out in the end. Though getting rid of these bots will be the main aim for the developers of World of Warcraft but they are also engaged with the other works to maintain a good experience for the gamers. Kaivax says that the Blizzard members have a lot of things to deal with and fixing the bots remains on the top. But the people who are making these automation tools have no other worry so they have only one focus and that is on making the bots. Basically, it’s a total waste of time and effort for both the people who are standing on the other sides of the line. It takes immense concentration to create the tools and then the developers devote their time to find and remove them.

The blog clearly indicates that Blizzard is trying hard to implement some special treatments to detect and delete the cheat tools as soon as it is made. They will have more effective ways to fix it in the future.