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Being the independence day of the country 4th of July has always been the biggest celebratory day for the United States. And even when the COVID-19 pandemic has spread its grasp all over the country, President Donald Trump had declared to host two large gatherings in Washington, D.C. and at Mount Rushmore regarding Independence Day, with masks not being required.

And when Surgeon General Jerome Adams was asked on the Today Show whether he would advise people to join the gathering or not, he strictly failed to deliver a suitable answer. In an outrage against Adam’s comments, Axl Rose slams ‘coward’ Surgeon General Jerome Adams after he refuses to tell people to avoid large 4th of July gatherings amid the pandemic! The Guns N’ Roses singer also expressed his anger and disappointment station that Adams ‘doesn’t deserve’ his job!

Axl felt that Adams was deceiving the American Citizens by not warning them of the danger of contracting the virus as America is now the epicenter of the disease. He called Adams a coward, a piece of s**t, and demanded his resignation saying ‘U don’t deserve the job or title. America deserves better.’

On Today Show, Surgeon General was asked by the anchor Craig Melvin if he would advise people to take part in the celebration, including the two events hosted by the President himself, during the COVID-19 situation, especially where the President declared the protective masks as not mandatory.

To answer the question Adams stated that people with underlying health conditions are most at risk and they should stay at home. He also added that people should understand their circumstances. They should keep in mind whether they live in a community where the spread is up or down. Whether they are going somewhere they can social distance or not, if the place is outside or inside.

As he continued to go along with his obscure response, Craig interrupted him saying, ‘with all due respect…we know that large gatherings present the biggest risk right now. Would you advise somebody to go to a big gathering? Yes or no?’

Adams responded by saying its up to people to make their own decision to go out or not.

However, he did advise people to wear face-coverings saying it is very important if people want more freedom like having more places open or stay open sooner when the virus is contained.