The first round in the lawsuit of sexual harassment has been won by Chad Johnson that was brought by him against a studio and the film industry exec. According to reports from Page Six it is stated that a suit has been filed by Johnson against Sunset Studios Entertainment LLC and Cristina Cimino back in 2018 in July.

On Thursday, Judge Mel Red Recana allowed the motion by Johnson to pass through for sexual harassment that included allegations that the company has failed in preventing sexual harassment, along with intentional infliction of emotional distress and also fraud by intentional misrepresentation. Bachelorette Star Chad Johnson’s Motion In Sexual Harassment Suit Allowed.

Cimino as well as the attornies for the studio has not been present there for the dispute at the court as it appears Johnson is going to win.

Those who are fans of Johnson know for a fact that he starred in The Bachelorette and was very much a part of the 12th season that happened in 2016. Later, he went on to star in Bachelor in Paradise. It has also been reported that Johnson has been looking for TV work and a film way back in the year 2018 and he was contacted by the studio and also Cimino who promised to get him a job and contacted him through IG.

Recently he took to Instagram and posted that he has a big surprise that is coming for the fans and it is related to his stint in The Bachelor. He further mentioned and urged his fans to stay updated as something full of surprise is coming their way.

Nevertheless, it has been claimed by Johnson that her power in the industry has been used by Cimino so that she can communicate with him quite regularly to something of an inappropriate level. It has also been said by the reality star that her position has been used by Cimino so that he could be lured into many meetings that are in-person as he was called many times by her and thousands of SMS messages have been sent.

As much of the time passed, in the lawsuit it is argued by Johnson that Cimino turned into becoming more and more sexual. Johnson tried hard and her sexual advances are ignored by him as he was not in a position where he wanted to offend her. The studio tried hard to hire the reality star.

As the sexual advances of Cimino intensified, Johnson asked her to remain professional and maintain the same in the communications that are taking place. It has also been reported that several employments offers are written up be her for Johnson that included two movies, nevertheless, when her sexual advances are denied by him, both of the offers have been rescinded by her.

Earlier this year, Chad has been in the headlines because of his alleged behavior that took place on the sets of the American reality show The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison has been the host of the series who has kicked him off reportedly on the show due to his violent tendencies and horrible behavior as has been reported by Suzy Kerr.

In the same year, Chad has also been in the middle of a domestic dispute as the trial for the case has been put on hold due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

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