Joey The Devil

The very new hip hop/trap artist Joey The Devil has astounded the world of hip hop enthusiasts with the supreme blend of metal music into trap rap songs. He has made the ultra-fine rhythms of metal music to jolt the breath-taking and speeding articulation representing the trivialities and important aspects of his life and form a new type for the generation Z. The Orlando rapper has released three singles on SoundCloud that have generated enormous momentum in his creative life. With such broad love and compliments from the hip hop lovers all around the world for the prowess of venting out the frustration about the humdrum events of his life through the strained rap verses, he will soon become a bona fide of this rare kind.

Joey The Devil represents a bold, rough, and liberated entity who uses the music as a vessel to send out his messages to the world and help the listeners to understand the devil’s plans. The bass of his songs is excessively strong so that it perfectly matches with the energetic rap rants that reveal the darkness around him. He has tolerated many injustice and hardships to see brighter days coming on his way and the latest track ‘Hellhound’ imparts some of the instances from the life he is trying to improve. All the songs are produced by DevilGang Entertainment.

Talking about his adamant nature, he made a whole song about how the smoke and mirrors of the world don’t trap him and called ‘DevilxoChainsaw’. His music is blatant and mixed with surreal sound effects of popular punk music that caters unique edges for hip hop genre. He has a lot to say to his fans through the trap metal infested single ‘BlackOut’. He is slowly letting the addictive tunes out of his bag. People will find his uncanny wordplay making sense once they set their mind free and feel the inner spirituality through music. Get all the titbits from him on his Facebook and Instagram profile.


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