JaDaya Koray

Fans are awestruck by the impeccable musicality dished out by JaDaya Koray in her latest song. She has come up with the absorbing track ‘So Well (Freestyle)’. The rhythmic flow in the finely-calibrated track by the Brentwood female rnb artist is awesome. She has written the song herself and has sung it to perfection. She has brought in the eclectic flavors of the early 2000s and late ’90s that have got the ubiquitous beats of the trap. There is a dash of reality in her songs that will blow away the fans. The tracks dished out by her are hummable and force you to share a few off the cuff dance steps. The audiences can catch a glimpse of the posts that are shared by the singer on her Facebook profile.

There is a fascinating melody in the number So Well (Freestyle)and it has been etched out most classically by JaDaya Koray. The production is pristine and there is a dash of confidence. The contemporary R&B sounds are mixed with the soft and soulful vibes. There is an aura of authenticity in the soundscape of the beautiful vocals. The audiences are overjoyed with the fun and frolic that is the soul of the song. Friendly banter and a lively conversation are very much on the cards by logging on to the Twitter handle of the singer.

There is an aura of unwavering passion in the singer who has effortlessly executed the captivating track. The vocal moments are passionately laid out with subtlety. Certain moments in the track are juxtaposed with emotional vocals. She is all set for the release of a single. By logging on to her Instagram, the fans can peep into his latest clicked photos and the newest videos. The mind-boggling numbers by the singer can be heard on major music streaming apps like Soundcloud.


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