Fans have sat back and noticed the tremendous popularity enjoyed by the astounding musician K33L3R in his latest performances. He has dished out ripping numbers like ‘Cold Turkey’ featuring and also produced by OVRIT, Leave Ya Tonight that features HoobeZa, ‘Touch Of Lust’ featuring Pommi3 and it is produced by CashOutBernard, and ‘Crazy High’ that features HoobeZa. The arenas are filled choc a bloc as the Adelaide hip hop & RnB singer takes the stage. His mind-blowing numbers are a favorite of the young generations as he has intensified the musical quotient with a peach of execution. The tracks by the singer zip through at an insane pace with thumping and roaring beats to go with it. There is an unwavering passion of the singer who has handled both the genres of hip hop and R&B with consummate ease.

The prolific artist K33L3R has mesmerized with the savvy gem Cold Turkey that has pristine sounds of soul and R&B. in the hip hop number ‘Leave Ya Tonight’ there are thumping betas etched out with deafening sounds borne out of true passion. In the number ‘Touch Of Lust’, there is a touch of subtle and seductive funk. In ‘Crazy High’, one can find an effortless elegance. The fans can log on to the Instagram of the singer and get some insight into his upcoming ventures.

In all the numbers by the brilliant singer, one can witness a dash of reality with sheer caliber. There are amazing flickers of instrumentation that create ripple effects in the psyche of the listeners. The ear candy numbers are a treat for all the music lovers in general and his fans in particular who are swept off their feet. To listen to the warmth of the lyrical grandeur and funky beats, one can plug into popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud.


To visit his SoundCloud profile, go through the below link:


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