CMR aka CA$HndrxNow we know why people are so excited at the release of any new song by the astounding rapper CMR also popularly called CA$Hndrx. He has dished out the brilliant tracks ‘RFC’ and ‘Sex. Drugs. Rock & Roll’ with a dash of confidence. The independent Utah Hip hop Artist has carved out a niche for himself with lot panache. He has proclaimed the fact that he has been belting out songs that very much belong to the new era. His unapologetic style is very infectious when he says that he executes the performance with a kick coming out of his knee. He has proved his incredible finesse and has delivered quality rhythm that has newness and attributes to almost every human emotion. Fans are glued to his Facebook profile in anticipation that something exciting is shared on its wall.

The swashbuckling rapper CMR has dished out soulful vocals at an insane pace in the mesmerizing hip hop number ‘RFC’. The ripper of the track has all the elements of being a blockbuster. The cracking number ‘Sex. Drugs. Rock & Roll’ starts with a heck of a pace and is accompanied by raspy vocals. There is an immaculate mumble in the rap that is stunning. The same thing happens with his Instagram handle, as fans get cheerful on hearing about any of his upcoming ventures.

The rapturous numbers by the prodigious rapper have got brilliant vibes with a touch of soft funk. The impressive numbers are a hit with the masses. Some other tracks that have made an incredible impression are ‘Ca$h Talk’, ‘No Glove No Love’, ‘Darkness’ and ’17 Do It Tonight’. The audiences pretty much enjoy being a part of a gabfest by logging on to his Twitter handle. The amazing tracks by the prolific rapper can be heard by logging on to popular music streaming sites Soundcloud.

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