Kilo House

Finding out a good and energetic instrumental track that keeps you on toes throughout is a difficult task to indulge in. But with artists like Kilo House entering the scene, the search seems to come to an end. With his prolific beat-making abilities and extravagant taste in trap music, the Trap artist from California is soaring the temperature high with his soundscapes. Guarding up his songs with pure raw energy and powerful melodies, the artist is a heavy explorer of tarp instrumental sounds and experiments them with his immense creativity to oppose all norms. His music is fit for every occasion and especially for those who want to inject a high dosage of energy to their lives.

RunOne such example is his latest track ‘R.U.N that needs to have enough attention to soak in the magnetic beats. The tempo is just perfect and makes it impossible to feel distracted. Not just one or two, but the entire song is filled with multiple interesting twists and turns that put across the artist’s high-quality genre-bending qualities. His creative freedom gets aptly highlighted throughout the song pace that never seems to relax. The melodically colorful, synth loaded, bass-driven catchy drum line song offers a dance vibe from the very first beat and urges the listener to jump to its dreamlike beats. Flowing like a storm with the unexpected roar of various impressive instrumental sounds, the soundtrack puts out the artist’s different perspective on the bass music world stylistically.

Coming from the United States, Kilo House has created the exploding piece of music under the label Vivarium Records and has gathered mass appreciation from all his fans. The song ‘R.U.N’ deserves to be played out loud and then stay up with its inescapable energy. The artist just wants his listeners to not take life so seriously rather indulge in its fun nature. Being bound to a wheelchair himself, such words only showcase his strong determination and unbound talent. Listen to his song on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram and Facebook for further updates.

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