Mellow vibes in abundant supply shower through the fresh single from the amazing Georgia hiphop artist who has enticed the musical senses of the audiences with this track. Aiming musical greatness from the very beginning of the track, the arrangement of ‘STUCK ION THE DARKNESS’ has set the bars high with its mesmerizing rhythms and harmonies that become quickly addictive and anthem-like along with classic beats to maintain the magnificence. WYATT has offered hints of RnB with this track as well, which is strange and engaging at the same time. Further, the audiences get to witness a sense of unity within the structure through which the artist has breathed into the ambiance.

The energetic premise grows to become stronger throughout its lifespan of two and a half minutes. The arrangement is so great that such a small run feels enough to leave a long-lasting impact on the audience. The artist has brilliantly made use of each and every second of STUCK ION THE DARKNESS’ to cast a stunning impression that not many will be able to get rid of. The increasing level of passion that has been involved within the creation, along with a hook section that simply won’t quit the charm of the structure, this track is surely one of the best hiphop tracks crafted this year.

Even after the sound finishes, you get to feel the warmth of the premise – the title, introduction, and summary are quite promising, and the bars carry on with the engaging elements throughout the progress. ‘Being Me’, ‘Astounding’, ‘Caterpillar’, ‘Living Large (Intro)’, and ‘SuperHero’ are some other enchanting tracks crafted by WYATT that has spellbound the audiences. These tracks have offered the versatility possessed by the artist, which can be observed in his latest track as well. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Please visit here to listen to this song: https://soundcloud.com/user-689426656/stuck-ion-the-darkness