Offering moments of artistic charm and rhythmic bliss, the famous and talented rapper Marvelous has blessed the musical scene with his brand new release ‘Never Stop’.

The musical genre of hip hop has always provided audiences with some extremely gifted and brilliant artists. Artist Leo Marines, popularly known as Marvelous is also one of those artists who have ensured that the magnificence of the genre reaches the farthest corners of the world. Be it with his first single ‘Looking at me’ or ‘Letterman’, the artist has always entertained the audiences and treated their musical senses with the greatest impact possible. Offering a plethora of majestic hip hop ingredients through his latest release ‘Never Stop’, the artist re-invented the essence of the genre in a stylish and hypnotic way.

An artist who enjoys a huge fan following across the globe that reflects on the number of Instagram followers, Marvelous has been consistently taking his standards to new heights and this latest release from his is also no exception. His inspiration comes from some of the greatest of the industries, such as Jay – Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and Eminem, and this fact is pretty evident in not only this but all of his releases. However, ‘Never Stop’ can be termed as a sonic piece that is at the epitome of artistic pleasure. Fans can listen to his tracks on all the major music streaming platforms.

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