The eccentric genre of EDM is exceptionally different from any other genre distinguishing itself with its unique and outlandish versatility that has never been attempted in the global music industry. Armed with his iconic dance jams, the global sensation DJ DOVLA has been a prominent figure in the EDM community worldwide since his arrival. His latest and most arguably his greatest EDM track ‘FALLIN’ is topping the popularity chart leaving the contemporaries behind. The beat-driven melodic piece exudes unmatchable dance vibes making it the fan-favorite in the clubs and festivals all over the world. The hypnotic and repetitive blissful beats of the track soon match up to the exhilarating pace of the vocal performance of the song.

Being influence by electronic music from a young age, the gifted  Dj and Music Producer from Ontario has been sharpening his composing skills utilizing his raw passion and musical understandings. Armed with his years of DJing experiences, he has become well versed in diverse instrumental and acoustic sounds that he blends in unique proportions and comes up with exuberant and unparalleled tunes that oscillate between different genres. Producing exceptional sonic texture, all of his creations feature incredible build-ups that set the bar high for his contemporaries.

fallinHailing from Canada, the prolific musician has widened his spectrum by also producing music from the Balkans. Working under the guidance of the production house FOE ENTERTAINMENT, DJ DOVLA has been delivering matchless EDM bangers like FALLIN’ and many more showcasing his determination and boundless creativity. The captivating singing incorporated with the addictive electro beats makes the perfect symphony for clubgoers who are searching for the ultimate dance number that never gets old. His other masterful tracks ‘PIECES’, ‘OPEN UP’, ‘LET IT GO’, ‘RELEASE’, and more display the raw passion that drives him to make great exceptional music. Follow him on SoundCloud, TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for more.

Listen to his creations ‘FALLIN’ on Soundcloud now: