18-year-old Tommy Wayne has left an irremovable mark on the industry with his step-ahead thinking and impressive songwriting beautifully weaved in his new song ‘Wall’.

The United States artist who is aiming for the stars with his provocative voice and stylish artistry is Tommy Wayne. Driving with a strong determination to claim his territory and leave a lasting mark on the listener’s mind, the rapper seems to be the brightest new star in the musical galaxy. His drilling voice well defines his hidden potential in the ever-expanding genre of hip-hop and pop. The artist showcases a style that is completely distinguishable from another regular sound as he carries out with charisma and charm to present his productions impressively. With his unique thought process and the authentic passion, the artist creates songs that would help to manifest democracy in the country and cleverly characterizes what it’s not at the present.

Having started songwriting at the age of 15 the rapper produced his first song at the age of 18 which went ahead to become a straight hit. ‘Wall’ is the music video that instantly gained recognition from the audience for its meaningful choreography. The anthem-like track manifests what democracy in a country should be like and encourages the people to stand together for democracy, for freedom of speech, and vote. There is no greater power than the power that lies in the hands of the people and to bring forward that determination, this talented young rapper has put across this fantastic soundscape. It’s catchy, witty, thought-provoking, and engaging at the same time. The rightly placed melodic beats and the rhythmic flow of various instrumentals make the song upbeat, uplifting, and inspiring. The video shows a stagnant image of a skull adorned with flower, behind which lies a wall. The skull represents the names of all the lives that have been lost due to police brutality and it also represents what we all have behind the color of our skin. The artwork insists everyone understand the color of our skin and not see past it but rather embrace the individuality. When upcoming artists come up with their imagination it almost follows a pattern, but this young talent has surprised the genre with his hitting creativity that upholds such an important message.

18-year-old Tommy Wayne is a new upcoming rapper who is trying to make it big in the industry and always already impressed his target audience with his superior performance in ‘Wall’. The artist believes that much has saved his life and therefore aims to change others’ life with his songwriting. Driving inspiration from Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, and other big names, the artist indicates his polished sound. Watch the video on YouTube and follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat for engaging updates.

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