Chicago EDM Artist Kev Dj vapor becomes the face of new era EDM who with his scintillating music mixing in ‘Babylon End OF Days’ has stirred all positive vibes.

Possessing the skills to spread magic and positive energy with his creative sound, musician Kev Dj vapor has magnified the essence of EDM music with his prosperous style. Steadily flourishing in the industry with his brilliant choice of instrumentals and electronic sounds, the Chicago EDM Artist has created several warm anthems that are every bit powerful and hypnotic. The artist creates a sound that has the power to let the listener float to its ambient tunes. By presenting his skills at every step, the artist has redefined the EDM genre with his groundbreaking music-making style.

Filled with varied soundscapes and never-heard-off sonic entities, the DJ has recently constructed an instrumental piece titled ‘Babylon End OF Days’ that brings in limelight his class apart elastic rhythms and mesmerizing melodies that weaves magic from start to finish. The song flows with unpredictable energy and the artist goes a step further by using versatile sound elements to make the project completely enchanting. Sometimes soft, soft evolving, the frame drum, the violin music, every sound flows in varying degrees to highlight its presence in the music mix. The song is a blissful outcome of the musician’s flawless artistry as he effortlessly paints imagery in the listener’s mind with his multi-layered music. The original composition focuses extensively on the diverse melodies and progresses to a clean and infectious finish.

Built under the label Teknofonic Record label, the track ‘Babylon End OF Days’ is one of the most refreshing compositions been curated in today’s time. From classic dance vibes to soothing brightness, the song encompasses every detail required to let the audience groove endlessly to its few minute lifespans. Kev Dj vapor is a music producer who believes in the power of spirituality and feels great joy in creating a new form of music that deeply resonates with his fans. Listen to this engaging track on Soundcloud and follow the musician on Twitter, Facebook for more details.

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