Straight from the heart, Tommy Wayne leads his new release with engaging vibes and a personal story-telling mood. From the introductory moments, the track grasps the mind of the audience and soon progresses to become an addictive pop track that fascinates the listeners. Wall is a great track – catchy and wonderfully produced. The structure has been driven with a huge hook section that weaves around the listeners and later intensifies to offer moments that are enticing. The Oakland pop artist Tommy Wayne has further empowered the presentation with his performance, raising the energy of the entire premise, and providing a universal outlook.

Through this track, the artist has offered verses that reflect the ideal characterization of a democratic country and how the US is not close to it. The artist has created this track to encourage people to fight for achieving true democracy and freedom of speech. The spoken words perfectly portray the intentions of the artist. ‘Wall’ has turned out to be an anthem for those people who share similar thoughts. And, for the pop fans, this is already a hit. The intensity and passion with which the moments have been offered have led to the greatness of the entire track and made it reach the farthest corners of the music industry.

Mellow verses have been thrown beforehand, enabling the intricacies of the genre to come out as something smoother and simpler. The elements of the track shine brightly in front of a vibrant backdrop, and all this while, the contrasting ingredients make the audiences get immersed within the structural gaps. Tommy Wayne has maintained his fine sense of creative knowledge and professionalism throughout this track, which has made the listeners drool over this track. You can stay tuned to SoundCloud for this and his future releases. Follow him via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for updates on his upcoming tracks.


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