Eminent Texas R&B artist Naz T Musiq showcases his incredible rendition of hip hop and R&B through his magnificently soulful and melodic number ‘My Life’.

Naz T Musiq

The genres of hip hop and R&B both are intermingled with each other on so many levels that it’s hard to create an R&B number without bringing some elements of hip hop into the mix. Established and experienced R&B musician Naz T Musiq has finally dropped his highly anticipated number My Life’ that features remarkable oscillation of retro funk and contemporary hip hop with a hint of dynamic R&B beats. The song screams of individuality being an exemplary a hip hop and urban answer to the late great Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’.

Being influence by different musical forms from early childhood, the born prolific Texas R&B artist has been attracted to the art of music-making since he was very young. He mostly leaned towards the genres like hip hop and R&B, which he found the most creative forms of self-expression. Brimming with confidence matching his name, which means delicacy and arrogance, the bold artist, is bound to transform the conventional norms of today’s music with his unique and innovative melodic approach. His songs are created in such a manner that it serves as the mouthpiece of the youths of the generation wishing to bring a change in the mindset of society.

Working with his production house Indience Musiq Group, Naz T Musiq has been catering to quality music for years building a vast and avid fanbase. His recent production ‘My Life’ has made a huge buzz with the listeners because of its unapologetic and confident lyrical illustration wrapped in the tight embrace of the soulful, funky, and nostalgic rhythmic flow. Listen to the track and his other masterpieces like ‘She ready 2 Work’ featuring EnerG, ‘How You Feel’, and ‘Bedroom’ featuring Body B on the popular streaming platform of SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on his upcoming projects.

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