An artist who has directed his invincible energy and potential to stand out as a considerable factor in the hip-hop industry is OG Kilo. The Brooklyn Rapper has put out his artistic vibe and powerful rap charisma to strike a chord with the audience and has achieved immense success in his endeavor to do so. His seamless musicality and adaptive vocals have turned all hip-hop heads to enjoy his fantastic and off-beat tunes and the rapper is brilliantly optimistic in his approach to quickly resonate with the listeners. Bringing his catchy and engaging underground style to create his groovy tracks, the artist is pumped with full vigor to make a powerful career in hip-hop.


By stylistically showcasing his versatility and fine grasp over the genre, the artist has recently dropped his melodic yet banging soundscape ‘Searching For Failure that is hard-hitting and also enjoyable at the same time. The rapper’s focused craftsmanship and mood-setting rap delivery fully engulf the listener’s senses as the young talent leaves no void to excite the audience with his punchy verses. His rage and unshakeable confidence leave the listener wanting for more as the artist fluently progresses through the song with his technically proficient lyrics and worthy voice. On the brighter side, the artist goes from the monotonous rapping sound to a more distinctive and off-beat rap to pour his heart out. The straightforward elements in his composition raise his overall worth as a terrific hip-hop artist in today’s musical climate.

Coming from the United States, OG Kilo believes in the authenticity of hip-hop sound and sticks to his roots to produce such eccentric soundtracks. Building on this touch, the artist has created the latest soundtrack ‘Searching For Failure’ that makes for a perfect fit in the mainstream league. The artist’s honest talent makes him one of the most well-rounded rap stars in the underground right now. Listen to him on Soundcloud and YouTube, and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for further details.

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