All the mainstream airplay and podcasts are buzzing with the ripping renditions by the rapper KILLA JV. He has edged past his contemporaries with the brilliant tunes of hip hop in the track ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ featuring the very talented JOHNNY DEHN. Mayhem has been unleashed with incredible finesse by the California rapperHe boasts of owning an up to the minute production house called ‘NO NAME JV’ that has state of the art facilities. He has wreaked havoc with his magnificent performances and has earned a lot of fortune with his finely calibrated numbers. He thinks of himself as a rapper from the high streets of California and is all set to come up with some ravishing numbers. The fans can fetch relevant information about the singer by logging on to his Facebook profile and catch a glimpse of his latest updates.

The astounding rapper KILLA JV has come up with exquisite stuff in his latest number PLAYBOY MANSION’ that has got a whip-smart hook-line. In the number, there is a sassy groove that makes for a flabbergasting appeal. To listen to his numbers the fans can plug into popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud. The fans can plug into his Twitter handle and share an interesting conversation with the singer in the most off the cuff fashion.

The excellent hip hop number by the prodigious rapper has got a high octane rhythm in the backdrop of heavy electronics and accompanied by rhythmic looping. He has won the hearts of millions with some of his special tracks like ‘CIVIL WAR’, ‘BOUNCE’, ‘REACH’, and ‘SHOTS ON ME’. The rapper is ruling the roost for quite some time now and has soared up the summer heat with his breathtaking tunes. The audiences can log on to the Instagram handle of the rapper and can know more about his queued up ventures.

Please visit here to listen this song ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ by KILLA JV :

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