MiSeRAterrific vocal style of delivery sets the amazing rapper MiSeR from his contemporaries. He has aced in the game of hip hop with chartbuster tracks like ‘Wanting To Love’ that is produced by Kubsy Beats and ‘Lost’ that is produced by Zane98. The crisp sounds belted out by the Louisville musician have sent the fans into a tizzy. The young 17-year-old prodigy has made the audiences go cock a hoop as they are dancing in the isles on listening to the mesmerizing lyrics and the exquisite beats. He has rocked a new generation of audience and has crossed the mark 10k with his maiden track and that is no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination. He is in love with the art of delivering ripping tracks and the authenticity in his numbers has made him a genuine attraction for the pool of young listeners.

In the incredible track Wanting To Love by the astounding rapper MiSeR, there are cracking beats that are impressively crafted. In the refreshing trackLost there is plenty of vivacious energy with an absorbing and high octane rhythm. In the tracks, there is a hep and natty sound that is breathtakingly exciting and savvy. The fans can know more about the singer and can fetch relevant information about his queued up ventures by logging on to his Instagram handle.

In both the tracks by the prodigious rapper, there is a heck of a pace in the backdrop of heavy electronics that zips along like lightning. There is a sassy hook-line in the tracks accompanied by an eclectic groove and a magnificent bounce. The song-writing along with lyrical grandeur has attracted lots of fans who are taken aback by the surreal realm created in the soundscape.

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