No Class quickly earns a stable position in the rap industry by proving their wide range of talent and underground boom-bap sound styled with perfection in ‘Le Big Mac’.

No ClassSet on a journey to introduce something hard-hitting and resonating with the hip-hop genre, two artists who are showing consistent growth in their craft and have been amassing havoc appreciation for their authentic hip-hop sound is No Class, formed by two duo rappers JACK & DK. Their unique and stylish concoction has resulted in a sound that is rare to find in the otherwise repetitive genre and the artists have known to raise the bar in the hip-hop landscape with their ambition drove tracks and proficiency. To completely stand out in the industry, it is essential to cultivate a sound that changes the set prospects in today’s hip-hop game and these two game changers have been significantly achieving all benchmarks with their stand-out music.

Having released some great hip-hop anthems in the past, the duo has recently dropped their new track ‘Le Big Mac’ that makes them the top choice in the musical arena. Leading with a quickly addicting and immersive style, the duo have highlighted their unique rap form in the track and have let their classic trap-style beat progress fluently to impress the audience. Filled with infectious beats and likable harmonies, the track has a powerful way of elevating the mood, and the rappers input plenty of feel to the track with their unwavering confidence and swagger-filled style. The punch lines, the production game, and the choice of words prove their overall talent and prove that the duo is a heavyweight in the game today.

Coming from the United States, JACK & DK, the two names behind No Class have been grinding hard over the years and have shined out brightly with their natural hip-hop melodies that refresh the listener for its recognizable identity. Their contemporary presentation and the banging way to finish make the track ‘Le Big Mac’ (prod. by Mathiastyer & Cliiifford) end with an impact that is difficult to forget. Listen to it on Soundcloud and follow the duo on Instagram and Twitter for further updates.

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