The new age music genre is replenished with the latest track ‘Deja Vu’ by David Biviano & Jonathan M. Wood. It is a remarkable composition that showcases these artists’ talent and skill. The track is written by David and the music is composed by Jonathon. The perfect understanding between the two artists reveals the supreme musicianship of them. Their love for all kinds of music reflects on the track as it provides some exquisite musical arrangement that never heard before. The groove of electronic-infused digital music is juxtaposed with a soothing vocal that provides a retro vibe. With such a versatile soundscape the track provides an amalgamation of a different kind of music.

David Biviano , Jonathan M. WoodChurning out the flavors of new-age alternative music this artist is creating music independently with sheer individuality. The artist has tried to explore the experiences of life through music and that is what makes the track Deja Vu so much engaging. The lyrics do not fail to evoke the inner emotions of the listeners. The track portrays the feeling of getting back to memories like the track’s name suggests. The song has a moderate pace that changes as it progresses. The transitions are smooth and subtle that complements the vocalist’s rhythmic flow.

Hailing from Orange in Australia, David Biviano & Jonathan M. Wood has been working hard to provide more of the new age music to which listeners can relate themselves. Some of the other tracks by these artists like Labyrinth’, ‘The Criminal’, ‘Laney’, etc prove their consistency and versatility in making music. Each track feels musically and lyrically different from another. The followers as well as all the listeners are eagerly expecting more songs from this duo. Follow them over Twitter to get more information about them.

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