Sweet vocals with resilient and strong choruses, the new R&B song ‘IF YOU COULD FEEL ME’ composed by the Georgia female RnB singer JayaLesedi leaves you breathless.

The mildly experimental vocal improvisation of the Georgia female RnB singer JayaLesedi brings the retro magic in the era of digital sound with her glorious first single ‘IF YOU COULD FEEL ME’. Her constant musical evolution has just begun with her debut record that soundly rolls out her polished passion for singing along with synced rhythms. The upcoming artist is trending on Soundcloud with her salacious voice and a mind-blowing medley of melodies. Her sugary voice soaked with groovy reverbs will make you slip away from the emotional burden. It opens a beautiful getaway for solace seekers in the doomed world filled with heartless souls.

LesediShe is a vibrant artist who belongs to a hybrid generation, full of aesthetic cultures and good taste for the fineries in the world. Her mixed roots keep her close to the natural trait of diversity in the world. Her Indian roots taught her the spiritual grounds of finding peace through the classical melodies that she implemented in her discreet style of singing. Indian cultures have influenced her to understand the flow of rhythms with the variations of scales. Half her soul is engulfed with African traditions and the folklores that she admired while growing up with her united family in the United States. Her love for world music comes from her upbringing that embedded values from different cultures, leading her with respectful worldviews.

JayaLesedi debuts with the beautifully crafted R&B single ‘IF YOU COULD FEEL ME’ that focuses on her earnest storytelling. She keeps it overstuffed with contemporary streaks of soulful melodies and a simple flow of words that strike a chord with the young generation. It capitulates all the attention of your mind with the icy hooks and soft vocalization that create an impenetrable abyss. She slowly builds the tempo with her sweet falsetto. Her second project “Move With Me” will release in late November. She is on her way to build an army of R&B music lovers on Soundcloud. Your likes and responses matter the most in the world for her, so follow her on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube as well.

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