With a banging production to back up amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic, the Tulsa solo artist Lonleybandz raises his bars of achievements higher than ever. Most of the amateur singers try to curse the year on their banal compositions but he tries to spread joy with his authentic hip hop rhapsodies. He tries very hard to make organically good vibes throughout his new releases. Nothing cuts deeper than his lethal wordplay that showcases the honest filths in the world. He is a master of unrelenting flows and skewering affronts that stuff his music with razor’s-edge humor. Jealousy and betrayal are constant but he never neglects his responsibilities as a rapper. ‘Pain-to-You’ is a simple yet seductive project that was produced by Cartel oil records. The brand-new track meanders with his smooth and clear vocals.

Currently living in San Diego has become a big fortune for the young solo artist Lonleybandz. He bends towards producing meaningful, groovy, and immersive compositions and infuses the details from his regular experiences in the industry. Memories keep him alive and he displays his organic style of storytelling in the flow of his new rap songs. The delicate pop sentiments create a beautiful amalgam with his rap flavors. Being a 21-year-old rapper who is trying to find out the meaning of his hustles, he comes forward with extravagant symphonies and an addictive chorus in the single ‘Through the Town’.

He was raised in Tulsa where he nurtured the concept of delicious rap musicality. The stylish fusion of hip hop rhythms with stunning R&B strums are elusive, so be prepared to listen to something soothing and tuneful in the high-octane flames when you hear his song ‘Out the Mud (Calboy)’. Great melodies with a traditional riff, the genius sets the chords on a high scale to give his best rap performances in the single ‘Damaged’.

Listen to Lonleybandz’s music on Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/user-761035390/pain-to-you