Texas RnB Female Singer Dria illuminates her name in the world of music with her mature vocal quality and uses her original ideas to churn out some best R&B sounds.

A platinum R&B composer and vocalist from Houston who is driving with the zeal to empower the women with her meaningful melodic creations is Diondria Thomas, most popularly known as Dria. The talented Texas RnB Female Singer has contributed her vocals to several engaging tracks and has received success based on her genuine creativity. With her smooth vocals and quickly addictive hooks, the singer and music producer has introduced her natural strength to sing faultlessly. It’s quite rare to find an artist who believes in soul empowerment and creates music with utmost honesty and vulnerability. Well, this phenomenal singer is truly an exception in all regards.

DriaMusicTo create music that evokes strong emotions in the listener such that they come crawling back to her sound after years is the major highlight of her tracks. Few songs that are fueled with the same intention are ‘Dria – Imperfect Behavior’, ‘Summertime feat. Dria & JumpMan’, ‘Baby I Got You(Perf)’, and ‘Swaggy Bxtch’. All the tracks blend offbeat rhythms and the singer’s powerful vocal quality to create a massive impressive impact. The energy I the singer’s voice manages to uplift the mood instantly and gets the heart pumping throughout with its hitting verses. Flowing through multiple layers of exotic hooks, intricacies, and synths, the songs sound magnetic and come with a nice bounce.

Dria is an artist who uses lyrically engaging and dynamic music to put forward her points. Built under the label Frontrunnaz Entertainment, her songs create a soul connection with the women for their genuineness and particularly draw the energy of the women who need that particular connection at that specific moment. The musician draws her inspiration from Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Mary J Blige to create her amazing records and is currently working on her next EP When I Grow Up. Follow her on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more details.

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