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2019 was a quiet year for Demi Lovato before she restored her creative goals in 2020. As 2021 unfolds its days, she is back again with more content to look forward to. She has been working extensively on new material and now we have proof that her upcoming releases are set to come to the floors sooner than her fans realized. We do not know what 2021 has in store for us but we can surely look forward to good music.

Demi Lovato took to Instagram to confirm the news of her upcoming album.

She has been working in the studio on the upcoming untitled album. However, there are more things to look forward to about the follow-up album to her 2017 record, Tell Me You Love Me.

She hit the top news by releasing a new song Grammy’s Sunday that took the beginning of 2020 by storm. She performed her new song called ‘Anyone’ instead of presenting one of her previous hits.

Following that, she has been consistent with releasing new music one after the other such as “I Love Me,” “Still Have Me,” “OK Not To Be OK,” and “Commander in Chief.”

TMZ provided her fans, Lovatics some exclusive insight. They said that her new album will drop sometime in 2020 but her plans of releasing a new record changed. In the interview, (Re)Session podcast by Jeezy, Demi said that the release date is still not confirmed but she did mention that new music is coming in 2021 and also a bonus documentary.

She said that she has been in works on the album since 2018. With the various undulations of her life, the album also went through various changes in terms of themes, direction, and sound and she is more than excited to share her new music with the world.

Scooter Braun collaborates with Demi on her new project. Last May, she announced that she is working with the Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande hitmaker and confirmed that creative collaboration with a selfie.

Her Instagram post read that she finally has a new manager. She shared her gratitude and inspiration to begin the new chapter of her life with Scooter. She also thanked her fans for supporting her through her career and also for being part of her new journey.

On the other hand, Scooter also took to Twitter confirming Demi’s reentry into the studio in January 2021.

Demi steps into a new era in her career and is ready to step into the music scene officially. She took the opportunity to get candid with her audiences. The song ‘Anyone’ is very dear to her as the song was written and recorded shortly before her overdose. She spoke about her mental and emotional health during the ordeal.

The upcoming album will be personal and filled with ballads. Coming face-to-face with her struggles through the album may be the best way to contemplate and reflect on her life.



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