Hip hop artist QJEZTIC takes an immersive approach to perform rap and stuns all with the song ‘Pieces’

Hip-hop has always been about new styles and sounds, and those who succeed to bring about significant changes in the pattern tend to last longer. Recently topping the charts with her unconventional rhyming schemes and unique melodies, a rapper who has a penchant for blurring genre lines is Ashley Marie Alexis, popular with the stage name QJEZTIC. Today the emo-rap culture dominates the hip-hop world and with artists like her around the corner, things are becoming steadily attractive. The New Mexico hip hop artist is surely dismantling all old beliefs with her contemporary new style that sounds highly infectious.

Piecesis the soundtrack dropped by the artist where she closely plays with all smooth and entrancing melodies to pave her path to the listener’s heart. The kind of sonic elements that the rapper brings to the scene speaks loudly about her passion for the genre. The artist has taken an alternative route to speak about her experiences and her feelings and has smartly defied all odds with her flexible transitions. The artist is sure to win all hearts with her vocal dexterity and robustness tat constantly pricks yet melts the hearts of her listeners. The song comes flowing with a euphoric feeling that hooks for the longest period.

Coming from the United States, QJEZTIC has creatively built the track under the label Unrivaled Records and is a fast-rising sensation in the music industry. Her breathtaking rap performance and great note compilation grab the attention every time and the latest single ‘Pieces’ leaves no stones unturned to project her amazing artistry. The artist started writing at the age of 13 and by 2019 she began writing to beats. Her music is influenced by topics like unrequited love, doubt, or mental health, and is sure to resonate with all. Follow her on Soundcloud, Spotify, linktr.ee, and Instagram for more updates on her upcoming projects.

Just go for this track ‘Pieces’ by QJEZTIC : https://soundcloud.com/qjeztic/pieces-1


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