Emerging music composer and versatile musician FJ has come up with the latest episode of his space saga. The episode is titled ‘Humanity’s True Face’. The track is one of the most exciting EDM arrangements that listeners can expect of. The artist has beautifully fused narration techniques with the atmospheric soundscape of EDM music. Crafting storytelling along with huge swathes of synths and electronic progression instantly take the listeners into an interstellar journey through space and beyond. This episode is the continuation of the artist’s space saga, called ‘New Horizons’. In this episode the travelers of the story witness humanity and its true face just like the title conveys.

The Surrey-based EDM artist is offering the listeners a stellar dose of EDM music along with storytelling. The artist likes to keep his work dynamic and unpredictable, not something listeners can easily expect of. He is a self-taught independent artist, born in Portugal and living in London for the last 23 years. The artist takes inspiration from daily life experiences and incorporates it through music. As a result, his compositions emit a sense of emotion through the musical arrangement. His talent, skill, and a great sense of EDM, reflect through the latest track Humanity’s True Face as well. The idea behind making this track came to the artist’s mind by observing peoples’ behavior and activities.

Hailing from Croydon, this artist is making some significant progress through the industry with his progressive EDM tracks. Not really fond of live events, this talented artist likes to work at his home with complete peace where things go wild musically. Considering consistency as the key, FJ has a strong will and sheer patience to craft each of his tracks. Follow this talented EDM artist over on Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud to know more about his music.

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