The genre of electronic dance music offers the opportunity to experiment and alter without any kind of limitations or restrictions. Inspired by the freedom that the genre offers, internationally famed musician and DJ Dovla has been giving back-to-back hits to the global EDM community. Blessed with an extraordinary music-producing ability, the brilliant artist is bringing a new wave of electronic beats. He has recently released another dynamic banger ‘OCEAN DRIVE’ that features a set of unique rhythmic oscillations. The track opens with an inimitable rhythmic flow that maintains a steady resonance that melts in a perfect sonic structure in the end.

OCEAN DRIVEThe popular Ontario Dj and Music producer relies solely on his heart and feelings to create his music. He refuses to be bound by any particular genre and experiments with other musical forms and their elements to establish an unparalleled soundscape. He is more focused on expressing his emotions through his music. He is not afraid of using unconventional methods of rhythms to convey his message to the world. The hard-hitting electronic cadence intermingled with satisfying trance synth generates extraordinary acoustic texture that separates him from the crowd of contemporary EDM artists. On the popular streaming platforms, he has gained huge popularity by bringing fresh new electronic numbers.

The supremely talented Canadian musician is currently working with the top production house Seven Entertainment Inc. under their guidance he has been giving out countless satisfying performances. Dj Dovla has introduced an entirely new rhythmic concept in his latest single OCEAN DRIVE’ widening his thematic horizon. The perfect blend of pop, EDM, and house brings out his true dexterity in the art of music-making. The prolific artist has been dominating the club and festival scenes with his other masterpieces such as ‘YOU DON’T NEED ME’, ‘HANDS UP’, ‘FALLIN’’, ‘PIECES’, and more. Follow him on SoundCloud, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more.

To listen to his house number “OCEAN DRIVE” by DJ DOVLA: