Musicians go through a lot of struggles to gain popularity even after making a track or album successfully. The Tunes club and its Spotify promotion services help to get over that problem quite easily at an affordable pricing system.

The music industry is now welcoming new artists everyday and hence, the competition has become very high for amateur singers, DJ, or producers. Even gaining popularity on Spotify has become a big deal as well. It seems that an artist needs to avail of the latest Spotify promotion services to reach the goal. Promotional services can bring change drastically but there are chances of hazards. Well, The Tunes Club is there to remove all the difficulties and to make an effective promotion. This company with years of experience has made the dream come true of many newbie artists.

Being one of the best and convenient websites, The Tunes Club makes 100% organic promotion in a legit way. The company is so good at this that they guarantee the promotion and also sends an analytical report to the client when the promotional process ends. With such customer loyalty and transparency, the company appears to be the most trustworthy platform for promotion. The loyalty can be seen through the feedbacks of the previous clients and the previous promotional works by this company.


After availing of the service, the company sends the track or tracks to many Spotify Playlist curators. The tracks then get features on the curated playlists which eventually gathers attention. This helps to generate more engagement and streams as well as followers. Not only that but they also create a major social media buzz that attracts listeners from all around the globe. The social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc help the most since most of the users spent their time scrolling through their respective feeds.

The Tunes Club has a team of pro writers who can write the best content according to your music and make successful content marketing for music. Content like Music Blog, Press releases, Music review, etc are included in the packages. Since written content can attract the eyes of the readers and media, it can make a huge impact on promotion in a good way. The content is written with a journalistic tone to make it news-worthy. This helps to garner attention from the news platforms and curators. Content marketing might not sound like a huge or effective thing, but the results after that will definitely prove you wrong.

Last but not the least, the most important aspect is the budget. The Tunes Club has a variety of packages which comes in different pricing system so that everyone can avail of it. The multilayered pricing system is very handy for upcoming artists as well as well-seasoned musicians. The company tries to empower every musician who is struggling to stand out. Counting from the day of starting promotion, the company keeps track of the engagement and provides a report and the end.

There are a total of four promotional packages namely, ‘Spotify Marketing Package’, ‘Spotify Promotion Pack’, ‘Spotify Marketing Pro Pack’, and ‘Spotify Promotion Pro Pack’. The packages cost $39, $69, $105 and $169 respectively. Each of the packages can generate from 3000+ to 16000+ listeners for the track or tracks by sending them to 100+ to 250+ Spotify Curated Playlists. The clients can add up to 4 tracks, starting from 1 track respectively. Not only these but content marketing, social media buzz, analytical report, and many more advantages can be gained by these services. The company keeps a one-to-one communication with the client to provide them satisfactory results.

About The Company

The Tunes Club is one of the leading Spotify promotion companies that empowers all kinds of music artists. It guarantees 100% organic promotion at a nominal pricing system. Gaining popularity has become easier with the help of this company. To know more about their packages please visit the link