Madly MeMusic artist Madly Me’s soundscape is a beautiful amalgamation of various genre characteristics that are collectively paving the way for a new style of music and creative perspective. He is a musician, composer, songwriter, and singer who focuses his aims and vision through the persuasive language of music, melodies, and lyrics. His exposure to music started from a young age and local musicians of his community contributed significantly to what has become of him today in the space of creative understanding. Hailing from Watertown, he defines his soundscape as a blended stream of alternative pop and rock with ingredients of post-grunge.

Douglas Freeman II who also goes by the stage name Autumn’s Last fall is a one-man band that plays all the instruments and sings for his songs. He is also a prolific songwriter, producer, and sound engineer. Through his soundscape, he finds his escape and salvation by exemplifying life through his musical tale. Some of his songs like ‘Breath’, ‘Fighting Chances’, ‘Over Due’, and ‘Your Way’ all present him as a creative visionary. The New York alt rock artist has associated with Songcast and his own production label Madly Me that allows him to expand his sound and music across thousands of audiences.

Artist, Madly Me’s unique sound is a beautiful blend of various components of music and genres that come together into a beaming, continuous stream. His music is a reflection of his life and his perspectives through which he aims at garnering an extensive fan base and travel the world adding to his storage of experiences. A very straightforward idea that places music as the best medicine for mental health and every other opportunity that comes with it, he is gradually penetrating the contemporary scene. Be a part of his immersive musical idea by following him on Soundcloud right away.

Listen to Madly Me’s SoundCloud track ‘Breath’: