Upcoming Vancouver Solo Artist Campfire Bob is taking the listeners in the journey of the contemporary world with his latest track ‘PAPER FLOWERS’.

Featuring an appealing and blissful musical arrangement, upcoming artist Campfire Bob has come up with his latest sprawling creation PAPER FLOWERS. The track offers the listeners a fresh and heartfelt blend of pop, country, and bits of an orchestra. The musical arrangement feels organic and ebullient with the immersive moments of harmonica, acoustic guitar riffs, and soft beats of the drum. The sound design is kept mellow yet enjoyable enough which complements Bob’s naturally raspy voice and intimate singing style. His vocal skills pour down warmth and earthy flavors while engaging the listeners with an intriguing lyrical approach. The track is a musical treat for every kind of listener.

Hailing from Pacific Northwest, this Vancouver Solo Artist is making some significant progress through the industry with nothing but his talent, skill, and determination to spread awareness for nature through his musical representations.  The latest track ‘PAPER FLOWERS’ shares the joy of staying in a touch of nature, the feeling is no less than a home. With his love and respect for the world, its wonders, nature, and community; the track instantly provides a feel-good vibe as it progresses. It is the second single of the upcoming trilogy this year by Bob.

The artist is a traveling musician and likes to craft his music with different influences from different places and experiences. As a result, his tracks sound dynamic and rich, like ‘WALK THE LAND’, ‘CINDERELLA SHOES’, ‘SONGS OF HEALING’, ‘FUZZY WUZZY’, etc to name some. Drastic change in the ecological food chain and rapidly deteriorating nature is the biggest concern right now and the artist is successfully spreading that awareness through his tracks. The artist is looking forward to releasing more tracks in the coming days with the same motivation and musical creativity. Follow Campfire Bob on SoundCloud to enjoy his music.

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