The upcoming hip hop artist Fresh EP spilled all his emotions on the new music video 808’ to prove that glory can be obtained from a temporal wreck. He openly addresses the turmoil he overcame through the continuous hustles of life in every verse of the new track. The cushy lifestyle is not the prize of living through contemporary life. Respect and power come from hard work and there is no point in quitting. He soothes the ears of the listeners with clear, meaningful words that evoke confidence in everyone’s heart. He makes sure that his music leaves a prominent mark in the industry. He tries to help weak-minded people with debilitated aims in life. The dynamic Latin rap verses coated with vibrant trap beats are the story of thousands of common men struggling to find a place in the world. Poverty, classism, and racism victimize the growth of the modern world leaving people confused about their identities. Often people with extreme potential lose their way motive to shine for the misguidance. He comes forward with the inspiring composition to share his painful struggle and the new reality he created with his strength to sustain the odds.

Fresh EP is famous for making introspective music that leaves a message in the mind of the audience. He ignites the light in the dark heart with powerful rap songs. It hits you right at the core of your weakness and forces you to open a new window of hope. His art is a firework that is exposed under the melodic layers of his thoughts. Sometimes melancholic stories bring out the positive instincts in humans. He opens his heart to experimental adventures through astonishing music production. He creates a hybrid musicality by combining the prime elements of hip hop with genre-spanning rhythms. He keeps on changing his music design with frequent shifts from one genre to another. He skillfully appoints Latin Drill, Trap, Reggaeton, and Dancehall rhythms in his revolutionary music quality. His icy vocals help him to stretch the story at a great length till he convinces everyone who plays his music.

He premiered the official video of ‘808’ on youtube last summer but its popularity hasn’t diminished. It is difficult to forget about his contribution to the Latin music industry that came through the stingy melodies of the new song. He captures the beauty of the night sky and lonely cityscape blinded by the lights. He flexes his majestic style by wearing a cool silver puffer jacket and a pair of quirky sunglasses. His swanky moves will tease the viewers to shimmy along with the high jinks at the end note. The whole video was recorded on iPhone 11 PRO MAX. Follow him on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud for more information.

Check out to listen this song ‘808’ by Fresh EP:

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