Well-seasoned Victoria Rock Music Artist Steve Moffitt and his musical works are satisfying the listeners. He works with rock music infused with blues and country.

A harmonic and lush musical arrangement has united with blissful vocals in the latest tracks by Steve Moffitt. Some of the tracks by this artist like ‘COREY’ and ‘Little Baby Girl’ are alluring the listeners with a refreshing feeling of rock music along with some blues and country influences. Featuring organic elements of guitar and drums feels quite satisfying and the electric guitar solo is an added bonus. The musical creativity in the sound design is increasingly immersive and energizing at the same time. Steve owns a naturally raspy tonal quality in his voice which is capable of adding more warmth and depth through his singing skills. The artist is taking the listeners on a musical journey as he sings along the brilliant production and sound design.


Residing from Victoria in Melbourne, this prolific music artist has been working with music for many years now and became one of the most influential artists in the modern era. Before creating songs as a solo artist, Steve used to work as a songwriter and recording artist for other musicians for many years. With his years of experience in music and the industry, the artist has become quite versatile with skills of singing, songwriting, playing guitar, keyboard and drums. This Victoria Rock Music Artist has released a total of ten tracks like ‘LIVING HARD’, ‘LONELINESS’, ‘IS IT ME’, etc to name.

Steve’s unparallel musical creativity reflects through the latest tracks ‘COREY’ and ‘Little Baby Girl’ as well. Currently, this artist is eagerly waiting for his upcoming album ‘COLORFULL’ which is scheduled to be released soon. He is looking forward to expanding his musical network through YouTube, Vevo, and all the other musical platforms to reach all the global audiences. Follow Steve Moffitt over SoundCloud, Facebook, and YouTube to know more about his upcoming music and latest events.

Check out his SoundCloud profile for more tracks: https://soundcloud.com/stevemoffitt