California Pop singer Natasha Jane Julian pens down a dreamy soundscape titled ‘I Love U Paris’, highlighting her immense love for the city with expressive verses.

Taking all sorts of positive inspiration from the hitting genres of confessional art-rock, trip-hop, and pop, an artist who is shaping her musical career in the most alluring manner is Natasha Jane Julian. The California Pop singer possesses a deep and soulful voice that lingers in the audience’s mind until they are left with no other option than to play her tracks on an endless loop. The dreaminess in the singer’s voice and the musical journey, to which she invites her listeners, makes it rather impossible for the listener to climb back into reality. It’s hypnotic the way the artist plays with her blessed qualities and grabs the attention of her fans with her fierce emotive vocal texture.

I Love U ParisI Love U Paris’ is the latest single dropped by the singer that highlights her signature style of creating a haunting sound space with the melody of her voice. The singer has carved out her own space in the music industry by stepping on all the right stones to move towards fame. Her ethereal singing prowess coupled with the enchanting instrumental backdrop creates a moody soundscape that lets the listener immerse themselves completely. The melody line is infectious and so is the singer’s rising vocal pattern that seeks to connect directly. There is subtle yet strong confidence in the artist’s voice that reflects on her innate abilities to make a breakthrough.

Built under the label Natasha Jane Julian, ‘I Love U Paris’ is a song that is a heartfelt love letter to Paris and is a dreamy track with a very interesting twist. Artists like Natasha Jane Julian help to establish hope and faith in our lives during the dark and gloomy days. The singer’s charged-up singing and engulfing vocal melody certainly make the world a better place to live in. Listen to her heartfelt songs on Soundcloud and YouTube, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more details.

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