Wants and Needs

Sometimes music is the only safe space that people run for to hide from the fraught. The upcoming emo-rapper Andreuw Snoaw delivers his debut music project ‘Wants and Needs’ to protect his heart from depilation. It is never easy to say goodbye but his song suggests that he regrets the intention to forget someone special. The painful feelings are going to exist until he becomes stronger emotionally. He makes the song about a nasty heartbreak story and his valiant efforts to overcome the insurmountable pressure. His emotive flow is a concrete picture of an intimate relationship that caught fire under certain duality. He raps about the rare feeling of devastation and an obsession to turn back the hands of time so that he can be with that person. He unleashes palpable anecdotes in every line like a rap god and imposes his mopey mood swings on its volatile hip hop rhythms.

Since childhood, Andreuw Snoaw has shared a serious interest in music. He was a fast learner; his family used to bring new musical instruments so that he can explore more tunes and understands the intricate techniques of creating interesting choruses. His high school friends and the sunshine of his hometown made him imaginative with words and rhythms. He used to fantasize about the world of fanciful music with all of his favorite artists presented on the same stage. He grew up with a strong intention to become a part of society by helping out more trapped souls like him. He dabbled in the hip hop realm with his desperate escapades. He found a balance between his rigid emotions and the colorless reality through the chord of hip hop music. He pulled the strings to completely ignore his outrageous emotions over the prosperous reality.

He paired airy melodies with carefully crafted potent bars in the debut single Wants and Needs. The emotional breakdowns and intricate situations make him numb. He stops hallucinating when he grabs the mic and records the words that are sprung out of his lungs. The new song represents his vulnerability for losing control over the situation that’s hurting him. The soft tunes remind us of the old-school R&B jams mixed with a thick hip hop bassline. Follow him on Soundcloud because he is coming with big projects soon.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Andreuw Snoaw: https://soundcloud.com/andreuw-snoaw/wants-and-needs-prod-zaycros