Daniel Daraban DWRR

The pandemic year has surely bred some amazing techno artists who are now all set to top their names in the 2021 latest techno charts. The genre of techno continues to thrive and spread like wildfire and the credit goes to talented artists like Daniel Daraban who with their musical edginess has exploded in the scene to entertain the audience to the fullest. The pandemic crisis has made the crowd miss the fun and exposure of the festivals and the clubs, and hence, this talented Kharkiv techno musician has emerged to offer some of the most scintillating techno tracks that are sure to be consumed well by the club-going audience. The artist’s signature sound and music-mixing style have been well-displayed on his latest track that takes the audience on a roller-coaster rode.

Conundrum(Original Mix) is the new single which sounds like a huge unsolved riddle. The kind of variations and changes in tempo stuffed stylistically throughout the melody line keeps the audience hooked. Each loop of the song hides a strong feeling and gives out an experience of tremendous joy to the listener. It has hard to sit back and not tap the feet to the artist’s most powerful yet fragile and gentle curation of sounds that sound completely refreshing. The strong beat arrangement, huge bass, eclectic tines, and the powerful pad everything has been wrapped in the most concrete and precise manner to hit the audience’s mind specially.

Daniel Daraban is a well-recognized artist who has so far appeared on several radio shows, blogs, and other press releases for his impressive work. The artist has strong faith in his unique creations and is always trying to evolve his sound. The latest single ‘Conundrum(Original Mix)’ gives a glimpse of his massive abundance of musical knowledge and the audience can expect to hear more such impactful compositions in the future. Hear him on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for further updates.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Daniel Daraban DWRR : https://soundcloud.com/white-rabbit-music-2/daniel-daraban-conundrumoriginal-mix