Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, upcoming rapper and hip hop artist Prince QuEz or Yola QuEz is delivering an eccentric scope of lyrical and rhythmic intensity through his soundscape. The artist recently came out with the single, ‘Stop It’, a personal account of self-motivation and inspiration. Thematically, the song is about the artist’s emergence to the surface of his relevant music scene with his creative expertise. His lyrics exemplify personal trials and tribulations that are important in shaping one’s musical expressions. He also uses an exquisite stream of production undulations in the song making it a contemporary and engaging verse.

Prince QuEz
Prince QuEz

The Philadelphia hip hop artist is currently associated with the production label zombie Gang. In the middle, he had to go through some personal loss of loved ones and found close with the single ‘Imagine’. He regained courage and prowess and ‘Stop It’ shows his uninhibited and unparalleled craving for creative aptitude. The song not only thematically stands as a comeback but in a sense brought him back to where he belongs, before his audience and in the endless arena of music. With hip hop, his expressions were never constricted and he could speak his mind without any worries.

Some of Prince QuEz’s other songs include ‘Fuk’em’, ‘No Sleep’, ‘Lord Knows’, and ‘Between The Lines’ that allowed him to form his identity through an individualistic soundscape. As a rapper, he is a visionary who constantly makes sure to inspire the audience and the crowd with his understanding of life and all things comparable. With a new song to his name, he is gradually climbing the steps to a flourishing career while garnering a stream of audiences in the way. If you are ready to experience the new-age strains of hip hop and rap with a whole new perspective, follow him on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

Just go for this track ‘Stop It’ by Prince QuEz :


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