Young Pharaoh

Hip hop is a highly flexible musical form. It produces different styles that connect with almost every music-lover around the world. Emerging hip hop artist, Young Pharaoh blends different rhythmic and rhyming elements to create a unique soundscape that is rich in diverse sonic flavors. He has recently dropped his finest creation so far, Pay 2 Playon major streaming platforms. The track features his dynamic storytelling ability that gives birth to a surreal lyrical illustration. It helps him connect with the audience on so many levels. His robust voice gives out a boisterous rap delivery that is honest and original.

The multi-talented New York based rap artist Young Pharaoh is bringing back the old-school hip hop style and combines it with a perfect dose of contemporary resonance. His hard-earned thematic insight has helped him establish an unparalleled sound that expresses his thoughts and feelings accurately. Starting his musical journey at a very young age, he has come a long way delivering sublime melodies that are highly relatable to the audience. He also experiments with different elements from other genres and molds them into something so creative that separates him from the crowd. His musical endeavors have earned him a permanent place in the music industry.

Working with the production house SRT Records, the gifted rapper and songwriter managed to establish a huge fan-following with his brilliant rap bangers. Young Pharaoh started his musical career by freestyling, and slowly moved on to making his full-length musical numbers. His latest single, ‘Pay 2 Play’ is the ideal manifestation of his creative artistry drenched in his skillful rapping. His breathtaking rhyming pattern is also prominent in his previous creations such as, ‘WhiteGold’, ‘Big stepper’ featuring EBK Boogavellii, ‘Check’, ‘Foriegn’ and more. Listen to his huge collection on SoundCloud and follow him to stay updated about his upcoming works.

Listen to this track ‘Pay 2 Play’, visit the given below link:

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