The astounding hip-hop artist, LEJETSKI has wreaked havoc with his smashing new rap number. He has bludgeoned past all his contemporaries with the exquisite rap song ‘Univers ++ Banger’. It is a breathtaking display by the very talented Paris young rapper. The song has been released by ‘French Slime Record’. The artist is based out of Paris FR and the young musicians believe in dishing out big love energy. He is all set to break all the records created by his predecessors in the rap world. The audiences can have a chat with the rapper and have a great time through his Twitter handle.

LEJETSKIThe rap track, Univers ++ Banger has an insane rap flow with an impeccable rap verse. The prolific rapper, LEJETSKI has dished out distinct vocals with a hard-hitting rhythm. The stunning track has got a profound bounce that has class written all over it. He is a bundle of talent who exudes great energy and the lively spirit in him is unmatchable. His tracks also touch upon subjects like egotrip which is very common in the modern world. The fans can know about the upcoming ventures about the artist through his shared updates on his Instagram handle.

The rapper par excellence has taken the hip hop industry by storm with his breathtaking musicality. He has taken a leaf out of the page of the arguably biggest superstar of all time Michael Jackson. He is very much inspired by his charisma and the way he has enchanted millions of fans all over the world with his songs and dancing style. Right from his childhood, he has received a lot of support from his parents and they are also a source of inspiration for the rapper. Very soon, the rapper will come up with his new tracks and album. His popular numbers are trending on apps like  SoundCloud.

Listen to the track ‘Univers ++ Banger’, click the given below link: