The New York-based singer-songwriter Peter Lake is hell-bound to roll out the best feeling in the world with “Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr.Osterholm)”.

Peter LakeThe versatile mainstream pop and electronic artist Peter Lake has decided to demonstrate the real sense of love for other people with his new project “Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr.Osterholm)”. He debuts with this magnificent blast of fresh hooks and a dose of empathy to show the world that he is in this war too and everyone can win if they trust each other. The young musician is sensitive about the current problems and devotes his time to find the road of love through music behind his sobriquet. The New York-based singer-songwriter starts the chapter of his musical journey amidst a devastating reality. That’s why he is willing to cultivate his emotions and dedicate this song to the frontline warriors. Its catchy hooks are meant to embolden the spirit of the brave and responsible frontline workers who have been dealing with risks of losing life and suffer from the unknown viral infection to save other children, men, and women.

Dwelling in a busy city like New York gives him enough to capture small details and strange trails that people don’t remember. He loves to see how the sunset looks like from Times Square and how the definition of love has changed in the online dating era. He lets his thoughts flow like the unhindered wind. He has been brought up in a family that supported his dreams and passion for music since his childhood. He sings like he breathes air. The new singer is getting familiar with the music industry for his whip-smart lyricism and awry musicality. He gives a new blend of soulful pop-soaked synth vibes with delirious electronic hooks at the same time.

Peter Lake becomes quite popular in the current music scene with his debut track Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated to Dr.Osterholm). It’s high jinks and prolific grooves remind of a good time. He welcomes the season of love with this gratifying pop number and his generous gesture to help the families of frontline workers. 1005 royalties from streaming this number will be donated to the Frontline Families Fund ( set up by Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation ( in partnership with epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm. Follow him on Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube for all the latest tracks.