Spokane rapper Robbie Coulter showcases his versatility on his new single ‘In Too DEEP’ mixed with all his fine abilities to create an indispensable mark in the industry.

In Too DEEPShowing the world of hip-hop what it had been missing for a very long time, artist Robbie Coulter aka Robtop emerges on the scene to please the audience with his raw and original style. The Spokane rapper holds a far-sighted vision and possesses something that is much desirable to the others in the league. With his authentic sound quality and versatile skill set, the artist talks about his struggle, pain, inspiration, and motivation with impressive lyrics. The talented rapper has already mastered the art of flawless rapping mixed with selective experimental beats and is establishing a sharp musical identity in the industry.

On his latest single ‘In Too DEEP (W/apollo the wave )’ the artist has effortlessly lived up to the expectations of the audience with his creative virtues. The song is adorned with gorgeous beats and the rapper performs with utmost grit and passion to speak about his experiences and the things that he has witnessed so far. Having faced several ups and downs, starting from his girlfriend breaking up with him to losing his loved ones, the artist has experienced a lot and staples all the emotions to give a hitting performance. The lyrics are catchy and the cleanly mixed vocals sound addictive. Far from the average hip-hop compositions, the song highlights the rapper’s artistic intention and also his ability to rap with emotions.

Robbie Coulter has been working to perfect his style in music for about a year and the artist has finally given the perfect polish to his natural skills. There’s a certain weight and integrity in his storytelling style that easily engulfs the listener’s attention and the rapper knows how to hook them to the finish. A total pleasure to hear the talented rapper perform with zeal, the latest single ‘In Too DEEP (W/apollo the wave )’ is a fine addition to his valuable playlist and the rapper is gearing to release more such impressive music video in the coming days. Follow him on Soundcloud and Instagram for more details.

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