The brilliant hip-hop artist, penny just gave out a fiery rap performance with his unique raw passion. He has created ripples and prompted the fans to have a blast with the crazy rap track $queezed Triple Dipped Freestyle’ featuring the gifted Drebo. The phenomenal number by the Lexington trap artist has all the ingredients to get the numero uno rank in the globally acknowledged music charts. The rapper is only 20 and the bundle of talent has wreaked havoc with his sensational rap vibes. The melodic loops in the track have stamped his authority as a new-age rapper. The rapper is a school student but his indomitable passion for rap music and staying true to the genre has earned him a lot of accolades.

The exquisite rap number, ‘$queezed Triple Dipped Freestyle’ has touches of class written all over it. The talented rap artist, penny has forced several shuffles in the latest ranking of rappers all across the globe. The fiery performance has provoked the fans to sit back and enjoy the stupendous rap vibes. He has come up with authentic vibes of hip hop with empowering lyrics and soulful vocals in the track. His effortless vibes have struck an instant chord with the fans. He has taken a pledge to usher in a new wave in the rap genre and the smooth transition is witnessed by the fans.

The rapper par excellence has notched up several hits after his arrival but this track is a touch different with a memorable edge. He is a rap machine who is always coming up with fresh and stunning rap numbers at regular intervals. He follows the iconic roots of the popular genre and the stunning high octane groove in his tracks is proof of his sheer talent. The breathtaking hip hop songs by the rapper are trending on major apps like Soundcloud.

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