Nightmare 7-1-6

The brilliant hip-hop artist, Nightmare 7-1-6 has got the uncanny knack to engage scores of fans to listen to his captivating rap numbers. He has delivered swagger-filled tracks like ‘Thunder Strom’, ‘Come For Me’ and ’Shorty Ride With Me’ all of them featuring Nardo, and ‘Right Now Remix’. All of these rap numbers are released by the futuristic production house ‘BlackEnt WeDoWrongToGetRight!’ that has got state of the art facilities. The rapper is based out of Buffalo in New York and the experiences of street life and daily hardships added a lot of firepower to his musicality. The fans are always on the lookout for some exciting stuff by the rapper and they get enough information through his posts on Facebook.

The rap numbers, Thunder Strom and Come For Me have oodles of funk and enchanting elements of fusion. The songs, ’Shorty Ride With Me’ and ‘Right Now Remix’ have got a great rap flow in an electronic realm. The rapper, Nightmare 7-1-6 has silenced his critics with his unique style of rapping. The updates about his forthcoming lined-up ventures are shared by the rapper regularly on his Instagram handle. The fans also get a chance to catch up with their favorite rapper and engage in a gabfest through his Twitter handle.

The real-life experiences in his tracks are dished out with a dash of dynamism and this is one of the reasons for the immense popularity that the rapper enjoys. He has been through mud fighting and mud use but his determination was not deterred at all by the grind. Rather, the negativity that he faced turned into virtues as he made good use of the situation and turned it to his favor, and emerge as one of the best rappers of recent times. The breathtaking tracks by the rapper are available on Soundcloud and also streamed on Spotify.

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