Rising Madrid musicians ATOMIKS unleashes their music-making brilliance through the rich rhythmic structures of their latest creation, ‘Bionic Girl (Free dl)’.

Techno music has always been the favorite musical form for rave-goers for its highly energetic and motivating rhythmic cadence. The duo of young and talented music producers, ATOMIKS, is breaking the boundaries of conventional music with their high-quality and hard techno soundscape. They have recently released a brand-new mind-blowing single, Bionic Girl (Free dl) on major streaming platforms through the renowned production house, Etamín Records. The track maintains a steady flow of addictive rhythmic beats that pleasure the mind with its repetitive resonance. The prolific artists have incorporated the best elements from the genre to create a symphony that fascinates the audience.

The Spain-based musicians came together due to their shared passion for the genre of techno. Both of them were very much interested in music from their childhood. They became intrigued by the magnificence of techno music that has a soothing effect on the human mind. They want to spread vibrant positivity across the world with their industrial techno beats. They believe that their music can help the listeners to reach a higher plane of consciousness by breaking the boundaries of the mental structure that society has created. They have become a popular face of contemporary techno in the global EDM community in a very short time.

Working under the production house Etamín Records, the brilliant Madrid musicians ATOMIKS created a ripple in the music scene pleasing the crowd. Determined to motivate the listeners in exploring their truest self, the duo has formed an inspiring soundscape. Armed with their hard work and thematic insights, they have released a mesmerizing new soundtrack, ‘Bionic Girl (Free dl)’. The use of an enticing audio sample takes the song to its glorious heights. They have recently performed in different festivals like Madrid raves and Holland raves. Listen to their music on SoundCloud and follow them on Instagram for updates on their upcoming projects.

Please visit here to listen to the song of ATOMIKS:


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