Yvette Farkas unveils the unknown facts and history of graffiti through her well-documented coffee table book, ‘Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall’.



Well-known Canadian author Yvette Farkas has launched a new book named, ‘Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall’ unveiling the rich history of graffiti in Toronto, Canada. The book features more than 1000 full-color photos of the beautiful graffiti, maps, and timelines with all the details. The author takes you back to as early as 1980 with the photos and records. The book also offers interviews of the top graffiti artists such as Graffiti Knights, Ren, Junction Joe, Bomba, KidC, Mediah, Duro3, Elicser, and many more. The artists share their experiences and a lot of significant information about graffiti. You will be able to see the world of graffiti through their eyes deriving knowledge from the discussion.

 ‘Toronto Graffiti: The human behind the wall’ is a 520-page coffee table book, which is also available as a digital flipbook or e-book. It has proved to be a valuable read, due to its sociopolitical, anthropological, and historical worth. The book has been featured in both global and national media, as well as, CBC radio and Globe and Mail. It is added to the Toronto Public Library and the National Library of Canada. The book is available on Amazon and her website. Follow Yvette Farkas on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Link – https://www.torontograffiti.ca/buy-the-book.html

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