Emerging artist from Austin, $@!NT is making a grand opening of his career with the latest track ‘Where Were You’. He is a talented Texas alternative rock artist.

Engaging audience with amazing vocal skills flawless musical arrangement, $@!NT has come up with the latest musical representations. The artist recently released a track named Where Were You? that churns out the authentic essence of alternative rock music. Powerful musical arrangement, deep and groovy bass-soaked beats, and a rising sense of progression have made this track even more exciting to listen to. The artist possesses a naturally raspy vocal tone that meanders through the rock soundscape and adds a potential layer of weight, gritty, and warmth. Emotionally rich and lyrically indulgent, this single is capable of putting a deep impact on the listeners and engages them.


As a rising Texas alternative rock artist, he has been exposed to multi-genres of music from where he developed his own genre-bending compositions which consist of different elements of rock, alternative rock, indie along with some hip hop elements and rap. As a result, his musical works sound more dynamic and rich. The latest track ‘Where Were You?’ is the greatest example of that dynamic taste which is pushing the artist’s creative limits even further. This rock star from St. Louis is currently dwelling from Austin in Texas.

This is just the beginning of $@!NT’s musical career and has already proved that he is going to stay. With talent, creativity, and determination to create original music, the artist is looking forward to releasing more tracks in the coming good days of his career. A clear inclination towards the genre of alternative rock can be seen through his musical representation as well as the playlist ‘Chill Alt Rock’ available on his SoundCloud profile. Follow this artist on SoundCloud to listen to his amazing vocal skills. He is also available on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram which can provide more updates on his upcoming music, events, and experimental projects.

Just go for this track ‘Where Were You?’ by $@!NT :




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