Upcoming South Florida native singer Kendra Erika introduces the world with her dynamic rhythmic versatility in her latest pop-infused EDM masterpiece, ‘Gemini’.

The power of music cannot be better described, than through the music of American singer-songwriter Kendra Erika. She has overcome a lot of hurdles in life with the backing of music. She has recently released an incredibly soulful and entertaining EDM-infused pop number, ‘Gemini’ featuring her robust yet blissful singing capabilities. The power-packed vocal performance complements the futuristic yet retro rhythmic flow flawlessly bridging the gap between generations. The song is reminiscent of the past at the same time offers exciting hope for the future. The listeners are bound to find inspiration from her thematic efforts and authentic artistic craftsmanship.


The musical journey of the South Florida native singer has not been an easy one. Being tone-deaf as a child, she has faced a lot of obstacles learning how to sing on key. She had trained years in classical and jazz to master the art. She has derived most of her inspirations from musicians such as Ellie Goulding, Solange, Laura Branigan, London Grammar, and Lana Del Rey and creates heart-touching compositions to express herself. She has come a long way battling the difficulties in the path of her musical journey. Now her music has reached top ten hits on the Billboard Dance music charts multiple times. Her popular club song, ‘Self Control’ hit the number one spot on the Billboard Dance Chart in January of 2019.

Working with the production house, Oyster Shell Music, Kendra Erika is focused on establishing a unique electronic soundscape that earns her a prominent place in the global EDM community. Her newly released song, ‘Gemini’ brings out her boundless vocal dexterity and storytelling ability intermingled with the nostalgia-infused EDM resonance. Listen to her exceptional electronic tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates on her upcoming projects.

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