Daniel Daraban

Bringing something new, refreshing, and exciting with every new production, an artist who has kept the crowd on their toes with his hit-making skills is Daniel Daraban. The prolific Kharkiv techno musician Daniel Daraban has a very unique taste in mixing sounds and chooses the genre best elements to curate his music. A serial producer of club-anthems, the artist has maintained a strong reputation in the industry for his musical abilities that instantly turns up the spirits of the listener and gets the crowd grooving. His music has a significant amount of punch and mystery that loops around the listener’s senses with impact.

With the help of some outstanding rhythms and outer-worldly sounds, the artist has dropped his new banger titled Arcanum(Original Mix) that is sure to become the season’s freshest club anthem. The music sounds like a magic potion that immediately gets the audience to tap their feet. The soundscape is an amalgamation of fantastic catchy hooks, strong bass, infectious rhythms and loops, and thumping boom-bap beats that makes it the perfect song to lose consciousness and dance the night out. The upbeat melody line can light up any room and also highlights the musician’s artistic perspective at every turn. The artist has kept his energy consistent and allowed the whole thing to prove impactful at once. Not all rising stars possess that unique quality.

The song ‘Arcanum(Original Mix)’ is crafted with multiple sounds and styles but what remains fixed is the level of punch that flows through the mind with immense impact. Artist Daniel Daraban has stylishly united his colorful creativity with impressive techno sounds that makes the whole piece stunningly engaging. At certain moments, the song takes unexpected turns and drags the listeners into an experimental sound realm that is intertwined with unusual melodies and distorted yet beautiful instrumental intricacies. Things come to an end on a bright note and there’s no denying that only great things could be expected from the musician in the future. Hear him on SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify, and follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more details.

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