Fsp FumiUpcoming music artist FSP Fumi presents a transparent scope of modern-day musical interpretations with his incredible soundscape. Recently, he collaborated with fellow music artist YC and released the single, ‘Runnin Da City’. The song is a spontaneous course that pays tribute to the glamor and intensity of modern-day hip hop. Both artists are resilient and persistent in their performance as they deliver one of the most captivating sagas of hip hop through the lyrics of the song. The overall production is to die for. It aims at minimalism and hence, the lyrics emerge as the winning streak of the entire track. The artists deliver a balanced emotional undulation that allows the track to breathe and come out with all the right musical and production ingredients.

The artist is back with a new track after a hiatus and is already compelling the audience stream to follow his league. ‘Runnin Da City’ stands out for its continuity and above all, lyrical outspokenness. The theme of the song speaks to the listeners and draws them closer to its creative spectrum. The artist believes in making songs that are relatable and understandable across perspectives and this songs services the same purpose too. The artist aims to continue delivering musical works in the coming times and expand his soundscape to the epitome of global celebration. Even after a long break, the artist has proved that creative virtues are forever to stay and it only gets better with time, exposure, and experience.

Artist FSP Fumi is currently associated with the label, HitBiz LLC. which provides him with the best platform for all his music-related releases. Some of his other songs at his disposal are ‘Loop’, ‘Swish’, ‘I Think’, ‘Prosper’, ‘Letter To The Opps’, and ‘Now’. Each song represents his creative personality along with a thematic escape through the lyrics. His artistry is an important contributor to the growth of hip hop and rap in modern times. He also sets his work as a benchmark for all those who are looking to make a career in music. Stay updated with all his latest news and releases on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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